Tests and Experience

Ritecoat has been tested extensively and has successfully passed the following areas:

You can download a summary of Ritecoat 2200 laboratory test data by clicking here.


Technology Centre Building, Newbury, UK

A well-known global telecommunications company based in Newbury wanted the powder coated surfaces of its technology centre building treated with Ritecoat.

The faded appearance of the powder coated surfaces were restored to an 'as-new’ look and compliments from the building’s occupants were quickly received. The Ritecoat System enhanced the quality of working life for users of the building and provided a cleaner environment, as well as making the treated surfaces significantly easier to maintain.

Sydney Tower, NSW, Australia

The Sydney Tower (formerly known as the AMP Tower) is the second tallest free-standing structure in Australia, standing at 305m. The top of the tower is anodised aluminium.

The Tower had not been cleaned for many years, had become badly stained and had lost a lot of its golden colour. In preparation for the 2000 Olympic Games it was decided to renovate the tower.

A team of abseilers renovated the aluminium to restore the tower back to its original glory.  Ritecoat was then applied to maintain the golden appearance and help with future maintenance.

Toshiba Osaka Building, Japan

This building is located in the centre of Osaka City. The exterior wall of aluminium panels is always subject to air pollution and exhaust fumes. It had also been deteriorated by UV rays and stained black by rain. 

Some 2,000m2 of external anodised aluminium panels were renovated and protected with the Ritecoat System.

As a result of three-year comparative trial applications with a competitive resin coating, the superiority of Ritecoat is well recognised.