Ritecoat R630

... for stainless steel that truly stains less!
  • Provides exceptional resistance to:
    - Weathering, e.g. moisture, oxidation and
      atmospheric pollution
    - Graffiti
    - Chemical attack by acids, alkalis and solvents

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Maintains pristine appearance

Ritec has launched a new and innovative ‘non-stick’ solution that makes stainless steel truly stain less!

Ritecoat R630TM is a protective thin film that creates durable 'non-stick' performance that provides unbeatable protection for stainless steel surfaces.

Existing surfaces can be renovated on-site by our technical specialists before this unique treatment is applied. Protected surfaces are easier to maintain and eliminates the need for harsh graffiti removers or acids for cleaning. So for more information on how to get true stainless steel, contact us now!

For 'non-stick', low-maintenance solutions on powder-coated and anodised aluminium surfaces, Ritecoat 2200TM is still recommended to provide durable protection from weathering, graffiti and chemical attack.

Ritecoat R630TM...

more durable • better protection • easier to apply

Unprotected vs. Ritecoat R630TM protected stainless steel.
Both panels were exposed to the same conditions.