On-site Renovation

Ritecoat® renovation: Brings metal and powder coated surfaces back to their
‘as-new’ appearance

Ritecoat® protection: Retains the ‘as-new’ appearance

The Ritecoat System™ removes contamination – both organic and inorganic – from surfaces when regular cleaning is no longer effective. It is particularly effective at removing ingrained soiling from hard surfaces and removing the effects of oxidation from faded paintwork.

The first stage of the System is the application of Riteprep to remove organic contaminants on the surface. Our range of Stain Remover products, available in different strengths, will remove bonded inorganic contaminants if required. The renovation process is the ideal solution for heavily contaminated and stained metal and powder coated surfaces when all else fails.

Immediately after renovation, the surface is sealed and protected by Ritecoat R630TM (for stainless steel) or Ritecoat 2200TM (for other surfaces), the second stage of the System. Ritecoat R630TM and Ritecoat 2200TM both give surfaces ‘non-stick’, low-maintenance properties. Ritecoat 2200TM also brings back the faded colour of powder coating.

Ritecoat-protected surfaces:

  • Look and perform like new for longer
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase satisfaction

Ritec’s specialist applicators can treat metal and powder coated surfaces on any scale.

Contact us for specialist solutions to your specific project.