How it Works

Metal framework and panels on the exterior of buildings are easy to clean and pristine in appearance when new. However, the become increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean with exposure to natural weathering and chemical attack. This results in staining and discolouration, making the metal appear lifeless.

This is where the Ritecoat System™ comes in. The first stage is a thorough renovation process prior to the application of new Ritecoat R630TM (for stainless steel) or Ritecoat 2200TM (for other surfaces). The protection makes the surface low-maintenance and ‘non-stick’, not only safeguarding bare surfaces but also protective coatings, so they perform like new for longer.

The result is a durable transparent coating with exceptional resistance to:

  • Weathering, e.g. moisture, oxidation and atmospheric pollution
  • Graffiti, since many solvents can be used for removal without damaging the Ritecoat protection
  • Chemical attack by acids, alkalis and solvents


Weathering from UV light, traffic film, organic contamination such as tree sap and graffiti are all threats to bare and coated metal as well as powder coated surfaces. The Ritecoat System is the ideal solution, renovating contaminated surfaces to an 'as-new’ appearance before the application of Ritecoat 2200 to provide future protection.