Luton Parkway Station, UK

Glass at Luton Parkway station not only had to contend with the usual dirty residue from diesel trains, but also unburned hydrocarbons from aviation fuel generated by aircraft taking off and landing at nearby Luton Airport. The glass had not been cleaned since the station opened in 1999 so there was a significant amount of dirt build-up. Thameslink Rail, the company that runs the station, had to find a long-lasting solution.

Thameslink contacted Ritec to provide the answer. Ritec’s onsite team subsequently treated most of the glass at the station, including the entrance façade and platform shelters.

The Head of Retail for Thameslink Rail said: “The glazing was difficult to keep clean – regular window cleaning was not effective and was costly. We needed something that kept glass cleaner longer and, if needed, made the cleaning easier to do. ClearShield® was the ideal solution and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Amstel Railway Station, The Netherlands

For many years, emissions from trains contaminated glass at this major station in Amsterdam. Conventional cleaning methods could not remove the harsh build-up of contaminants on the glass surface. Therefore the company that ran the station, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) had to look for an answer.

Ritec Benelux was invited to demonstrate the ClearShield System™ and renovated half a glass panel. NS was so impressed with the result that Ritec Benelux was contracted to renovate and protect glass throughout the station. Even today the glass is easier to clean and less dirt sticks to the glass surface.


London Gatwick Airport Trains, UK

The passenger shuttle trains that shuttle between the two terminals at Gatwick have travelled over a million miles. Due to the harsh environmental conditions at the airport, the glass became very stained and dull. Subsequently, the windows of the trains were renovated and had ClearShield® applied early in 2002.

ClearShield® improved the overall look of the trains and reduced the need for harsh cleaning products to be used. Subsequently, maintenance of the trains became much easier and much cheaper.

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