Princess Cruises

The Princess Cruises ships to have ClearShield were the Regal Princess and the Crown Princess. Exterior glass of these ships was renovated and protected in 1987. Since then, more than 10 other Princess Cruise ships have had the benefit of ClearShield® protection.

“Not only do the operators of these ships appreciate the benefits in keeping windows clean but also the considerable savings in manpower through reduced maintenance”, said the company’s Project Manager.

ACL Atlantic Conveyor

The Atlantic Conveyor (owned in 1985 by Cunard but purchased by ACL ten years later) was treated on-site with ClearShield.

The Chief Officer of Cunard was impressed: “The improvement in visibility through our bridge windows, in rain and heavy weather, has to be seen to be believed. A further bonus is not having to use precious manpower to wash the windows… we have just completed two winter crossings of the North Atlantic without having to once wash them manually. It is truly pleasing to see a product that really lives up to its marketing promises."

Silja Lines

The exterior glass on a number of Silja ships had ClearShield® applied to them. In addition, some interior glass, for example, in swimming pool areas or restaurants, were also treated so cleaning frequency is significantly reduced.


In total, almost 1,000m2 of glass on four ships were treated. Now the crews have a clearer, safer view from the bridge and passengers can enjoy a better sea view.

For more case studies, please download our ClearShield Worldwide Projects Book (PDF 5.7 MB).